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widget_landscape_110_de_0 Auto Import Calculation

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Auto Import Calculation

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Auto Import Calculation

What is part of the car import costs? What taxes are payable by Swiss customs? How expensive is a transport by truck? What does the CO2 tax on new vehicles cost? What are the costs of vehicle testing and registration?

Calculating all these auto import costs in detail, even if you know how it works, will cost you time and nerves. Save yourself both with our car import calculator. Life doesn’t always have to be complicated.

Start the car import calculation free of charge, enter your vehicle details and receive an e-mail with the calculation of all import costs up to the Swiss registration at the end. How long will it take? Just a few seconds!

Auto Import Calculator

Calculate now free of charge the complete car import up to the Swiss registration.

How does the import cost calculation look like

After the vehicle details have been entered and you have selected the import services, you will receive the import calculation as an e-mail within a few seconds.

Next step

The next step in importing a car after the car import calculation is to place the import order.

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