Compare car insurance and the customs registration number

Compare car insurance in the market with the Import-Butler and benefit from special conditions over the entire term.

The Import-Butler cooperates with the largest Swiss car insurance companies and receives various offers with special conditions due to its high car import volume. Through an insurance comparison with the Import-Butler you also profit from high cost savings through the collective discount.

In addition to the low annual premiums, it is also possible to start hull insurance at an early stage when exporting with a customs registration number. The liability risk is covered by the German customs registration number and the damage to your own car is covered by the Swiss insurance company.

Import-Casco and the German Customs Code

If you buy your car abroad and transfer it to Switzerland on its own axis, a customs registration number is required. The license plate with the red sticker has a liability insurance which is valid for a certain period. The following transit times are often purchased for the transfer:

  • 5 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days

However, the registration plate does not cover any damage to the car you have just bought. For this reason the Import-Butler recommends to take out an additional import-hull insurance.

Zollkennzeichen Compare car insurance and the customs registration number

The car insurance

third party liability insurance

The liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties. In Switzerland, car insurance usually does not have a deductible for drivers over 25 years of age. A bonus/malus system makes it possible for driving behaviour to have a direct influence on the annual premium. Without damage, a person over 29 years of age is at the lowest bonus level. Another important factor for the annual premium in Switzerland is nationality. Certain nations can pay up to 50% more for the exact same car insurance.

partial coverage insurance

The partial coverage insurance takes over damages with which you usually have hardly any influence. These include natural hazards (hail, storm, etc.), damage to animals, rockfall in windows and headlights or vandalism. Some insurance companies also offer a free breakdown service throughout Europe in combination with partial coverage. As a rule, the deductible amounts to CHF 0.

Fully comprehensive insurance

The fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your own car after an accident. As in liability insurance, a bonus/malus system allows driving behaviour to influence the insurance premium. In most cases, the deductible is CHF 1,000 and has a significant influence on the annual premium.

Parking damage insurance

Parking damage insurance covers damage to the packaged car by unknown third parties. This can be dents and intentional scratching. The annual premium is influenced by the vehicle value and the chosen deductible. It is advisable to set the deductible at CHF 0 or to reduce the fully comprehensive deductible to CHF 500.

The insurance comparison

The import-butler cooperates with AXA Winterthur, Zürich Versicherung, Mobilar and Allianz Suisse. After your contact with the Import-Butler, the desired car insurance offers will be requested directly from the companies. If all offers are available, the covers and the price will be renegotiated with the insurance companies. With this procedure you can expect a discount of up to 20% on the annual premium.

The offers will be sent to you for review and decision. Once you have found a suitable solution through the Import-Butler, an insurance certificate will be sent electronically to the Road Traffic Office.

Zollkennzeichen Compare car insurance and the customs registration number

Car Insurance Switzerland FAQ

  • Do I need car insurance?

    In Switzerland, liability insurance is mandatory. No vehicle can be registered without a corresponding certificate.

  • What is an exchangeable sign?

    A change plate refers to the constellation of two vehicles with the same control plate. The sign can be used on both cars as desired. More than two vehicles cannot be registered with the same licence plate.

  • How do I get proof of insurance?

    An insurance certificate is sent electronically by the insurance company to the Road Traffic Office in your canton of residence after conclusion and is valid for 30 days.

  • When can I cancel a car insurance?

    You can cancel a car insurance with the following conditions:

    • Premium increase: Within 30 days from notification
    • Change of vehicle: If you buy a new car, you can change your insurance without a period of notice. The annual premium already paid will be refunded to you.
    • Claim: If you are not satisfied after a claim covered by the insurance, you can cancel within 14 days.
  • What is the usual term of the contract?

    The usual term of the contract is 3 to 5 years. However, you can have an “annual right of termination” installed as clauses upon request. This allows you to cancel your car insurance every year.

  • How do I get car insurance?

    Contact the Import-Butler and ask for an appropriate car insurance. The whole team is available to answer your questions about car insurance.

Next step

The next step in car import after comparing the car insurance is the registration at the Road Traffic Office.

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