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Car transport by truck

Transfer your car safely and conveniently with a truck transporter to Switzerland, without having to take care of all import formalities yourself.

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You can import your new car into Switzerland in various ways. However, most TRANSIT SOLUTIONS also require a high level of administrative effort on your part. For example, with a customs registration number for your car you do not have comprehensive insurance and at the same time you have to spend a lot of time visiting all customs offices and carrying out customs clearance.

However, if you import your new AUTO WITH THE TRUCK, the import-butler will organize and correspond the complete handling for you directly with your seller. A Swiss truck company, which of course also has an ALL-RISK INSURANCE SOLUTION, loads your car abroad, takes care of export and import customs clearance and transports it to the import-butler collection point in Volketswil ZH.

As soon as your car arrives in Switzerland, all further IMPORT STEPs such as the reduction of the CO2 tax, vehicle inspection, insurance comparison and registration by the import-butler are taken care of. You do not need to do anything else than to instruct us to pick up your car, which is already registered with a Swiss registration plate.


How to import your new car into Switzerland by truck

The costs for truck transport depend on the distance and can now be calculated quickly online and without obligation using the transport calculator for all of Germany.

Should you require transport outside of Germany, we can of course also help you. We transport vehicles from all over the world to Switzerland. Just give us a call.

After you have calculated all costs, simply send us the completed order confirmation online. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to help you.

Of course we cannot pick up your car from the seller without your power of attorney confirmation. As soon as we have received your order confirmation, an Import-Butler employee will send you the power of attorney to sign.

The import-butler will now contact your seller to coordinate the collection. Some sellers would like to carry out maintenance work before delivery and for this reason still need time until collection by the truck company.

In addition to the appointment coordination, all documents required for customs and car import are simultaneously requested from the dealer by the import-butler.

Your car will now be loaded by the Swiss truck company and transported to Switzerland. Before the car leaves the foreign border, an export customs clearance is carried out.

In this way you can reclaim the foreign VAT already paid at a later date. Your car will be delivered to the Import-Butler collection point in Volketswil ZH after Swiss import customs clearance.

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Car transport to Switzerland FAQ

Using the online transport calculator, you can immediately calculate the transport costs for imports from Germany. Of course, the Import-Butler offers you car transport from all over the world. Just ask.

The prices for car transport already include an all-risk insurance solution. Safe is safe.

It usually takes 2 weeks from placing the order to delivery to the Import-Butler collection point in Volketswil. However, the complete car import takes between 3 and 4 weeks.

A customs plate costs between 300 and 400 Euro incl. Liability insurance. You must also consider your own time for travel, export customs clearance, import customs clearance and delivery to the collection point. There is also no comprehensive insurance for your new car during the transfer with the customs plate. You must bear any damage yourself in this phase.

You no longer have these problems with a truck transport. All import steps are handled for you and you can look forward to your new car comfortably. Anticipation is known to be the most beautiful joy.

Only with your power of attorney can we collect your new car from the buyer.

In order to be able to offer you transport to Switzerland as cheaply as possible, vehicles are collected and imported throughout Germany. The collective transporter is an open transport. Of course the import-butler can also offer you a closed transport. Just ask us.

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The next step in importing a car after the transport is customs clearance.

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