Importing a car to Switzerland

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widget_landscape_110_de_0 Importing a car to Switzerland

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Importing a car to Switzerland


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widget_landscape_110_de_0 Importing a car to Switzerland

Before you can import a car and register it in Switzerland, your car must first be cleared through customs. Auto customs clearance consists of two steps. First of all, the car is exported to the foreign customs office. In this way, you will later also receive back the already paid foreign VAT from the car dealer.

In the second step, import customs clearance is carried out at the Swiss customs office. This includes Swiss value-added tax, automobile tax and, if applicable, a weight duty. The costs for taxes can be paid either directly at the border or conveniently via the import butler.

With the Import-Butler you can calculate the import costs and receive afterwards all necessary car customs clearance documents which you need for the export as well as import into Switzerland.

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How are the customs costs of importing a car calculated?

  • Basis of import calculation

    The foreign VAT is deducted from the purchase amount and converted into Swiss francs at the Swiss customs exchange rate. The Swiss net amount is required for the further import calculation.

  • 4% Automobile tax

    In Switzerland, car tax is levied on passenger cars and amounts to 4% (as of 05.2018). The basis of the calculation is the Swiss net amount after conversion at the customs exchange rate.

  • weight inch (CHF 15.- per 100Kg)

    If there is no supplier declaration or no EUR.1, a weight duty is due. These charges amount to CHF 15 per 100 kg vehicle weight and are calculated from the COC vehicle data.

  • 7.7% Value added tax

    Swiss VAT is 7.7% and is calculated on the basis of the net value of the vehicle, the automobile tax and the weight duty. This tax must be paid by companies and private individuals.

How do I get the import documents?



Calculate the import costs online with the import calculator



Send us the order confirmation, your purchase contract and the COC.



The Import Butler creates the documents and sends them to you electronically.



Car customs clearance and import into Switzerland.

Calculate your import now

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Introducing a car to Switzerland FAQ

  • What is the EORI number?

    The EORI number is a customs number that can be issued for any German company that is liable to VAT. On export, the EORI number is reported to the customs office and serves to refund the foreign VAT. Without this number, the foreign company cannot provide proof of correct export.

  • What do I need an export declaration for?

    With an export declaration, the car is declared to foreign customs for export. Without these documents, VAT cannot be refunded. The preparation and declaration must be prepared before export.

  • Who pays back the VAT?

    The foreign value added tax already paid will be refunded by the car seller after the car has been imported into Switzerland.

  • How do I get the VAT back?

    After import, Swiss customs issues an import confirmation. With this proof you can reclaim the VAT from the car dealer after importing the car.

  • What is a certificate of origin?

    The certificate of origin is issued by the car manufacturer and documents vehicle production within Europe. The certificate of origin is required for the creation of the EUR.1 document.

  • What is the EUR.1?

    The EUR.1 is a customs document and documents the car production within Europe. The EUR.1 can be created by a certificate of origin at the Import Butler. Without a EUR.1 there is an additional weight duty to be paid when importing a car.

  • How do I pay the import costs?

    The import costs (car tax, weight and VAT) can either be paid in cash (note: daily limit of your card) at the border or conveniently via a payment slip at the import butler.

  • What documents are required for the import declaration?

    The following documents are required for the preparation of the import declaration:

    • deed of purchase
    • EC Declaration of Conformity (COC)
    • certificate of origin / EUR.1, if applicable
  • How long does it take to prepare the import declaration?

    Two working days are required for creation. Of course, the Import-Butler also offers an express service on request.

  • Can I also carry out customs clearance at a later date?

    Customs clearance can also be carried out at the internal customs office. However, it is recommended to carry out the import directly at the main customs office.

Next Step

The next step in car import after importing it into Switzerland is to pay the CO2 tax.

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