Motor vehicle control for import cars

Before an imported car can be registered in Switzerland, it must be checked by the motor vehicle inspection department.

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Motor vehicle control for import vehicles

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Motor vehicle control for import vehicles

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Motor vehicle control for import vehicles

The motor vehicle inspection checks the import car for its roadworthiness before registration. It does not matter whether it is a new or used car. Even if a TÜV appointment has only just been made abroad, it must be repeated to MFK. However, a test date can only be agreed after the auto import. Depending on the canton, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks for private individuals to pass the MFK examination.

To save you the long wait, the Import-Butler offers a 5-day express service for motor vehicle inspection. This way your car will be registered faster in Switzerland and at the same time you do not need to spend a day on holiday for the test date.

Express MFK-Terminal

Book your express MFK service now and register your car faster in Switzerland. A long wait was yesterday!

Why does the Import-Butler come to a test date faster?

Da the Import-Butler handles the check for a large number of import cars, the dates are fixed for the entire month. Let your import car check through the Import Butler, it usually takes 5 working days.

Where is the collection point?

After importing your car into Switzerland, you can park it at our collection point and partner at the following address at any time:

Rowilag AG
Geissbueel route 2
8604 Volketswil
+41 43 444 95 11

The collection point has a key safe.

Motor vehicle control for import cars FAQ

  • How long does it take until a test date?

    If you register your import car yourself for a test date, it can take between 5-6 weeks, depending on the canton. If the check is carried out by the Import-Butler, the processing takes only 5 working days.

  • Will I get a listing from the Import-Butler?

    An MFK appointment cannot be announced before the vehicle is delivered to the collection point. The Import-Butler partly receives express appointments from the Road Traffic Office, which have to be attended to within one hour.

  • Does the examination apply to all cantons?

    If the car is tested via the Import-Butler, its registration capability applies to the whole of Switzerland.

  • What about a complaint?

    If the Road Traffic Office complains about the vehicle, you can either arrange a repair by our partner (Rowilag AG) or have the vehicle moved to your desired garage at your expense.

Next step

The next step in car import after the Swiss motor vehicle inspection is to compare the car insurance.

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