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Cheap & safe currency converter for buying a car.

Take advantage of exclusive currency exchange rates of Import-Butler, and avoid the high exchange fees when buying a car in euros.

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Currency converter for your car import

How our new service works

Basically, there is the same amount of work for you as before. Find out here what steps are necessary to benefit from our great exchange rates and how you can take advantage of our new service.

1. Enter and check the amount

Enter the amount you wish to convert from CHF to EUR in our free currency converter. Here you can see your equivalent value, considering the current exchange rate.

2. Give consent

If you opt for our service and wish to benefit from the exclusive exchange rates, we need your consent on certain points. You can further read detailed information on every point – in addition, our free customer support is always there to help you personally.

3. Fill in relevant information

Now we only need the sender details, the reference number and all relevant data for a usual bank transfer. Once you’ve entered all the required information, you can confirm the service simply by pressing a button. We will send you an overview and our bank details by e-mail.

4. Make the transfer

We ask you to transfer the amount you have specified to our bank account within 24 hours. This is the only way we can give you the current exchange rate. After getting the receipt of payment, we transfer the money to the recipient’s bank account. Within one to four business days everything is processed – you will receive a confirmation email when the payment has been processed by us.

Currency Exchange FAQ

No. We see currency exchange as an exclusive service that we do not want to deprive Import-Butler’s customers of.

Very safe. We use current security standards and update them continuously. Basically, not much will change for our customers – with the difference that from now on they can transfer money to Germany on more favorable terms.

As soon as we have received the full payment, we need about one to two working days to make the transfer to the recipient.

We let you avoid high exchange fees when buying a car. We benefit from better exchange rates, which we now pass on to you.

Currency Exchange CALCULATION

How can we offer such great exchange rates?

High exchange fees are in the past for us, and now also for our customers. We change large sums of money from CHF to EUR every year and therefore we have a benefit of better exchange rates. We would now like to pass this advantage on to our customers, who can now save a lot of money when buying cars from other European countries.

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