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Importing a car "very easy"!

Find, calculate and import your new car to Switzerland in 3 steps.


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widget_landscape_110_de_0 Car import

Profit with a direct car import from best prices and a larger selection of new cars, day registrations, yearly cars and second-hand cars. Every 10th car is already imported into Switzerland from abroad!

If you, like many other Swiss people, are not prepared to pay extremely high prices for an equivalent car in Switzerland, you will now be informed in detail how to find a car abroad, calculate all import costs and have them imported into Switzerland by the Import-Butler.


Find your new dream car between 1.4 MIO. IMPORT OFFERS!

The selection of vehicles via our cooperation partner is 10 times larger compared to vehicle markets in Switzerland. Thanks to the integration of in, you can find out quickly and easily what the car offers cost in CHF.

Search for your next car on now!

Search import car

2. calculate auto import

In order to offer you real cost transparency, we have launched the first car import calculator in Switzerland.

The import calculation takes into account the exchange rate, German VAT, Swiss customs taxes, transport costs, CO2 tax, motor vehicle inspection and registration.

If you have already found your car, calculate the import costs now. Just give it a try!

Calculate free of charge in seconds the entire car import up to the Swiss registration!

Calculate car import

3. importing a car

As an independent import specialist, the Import Butler takes care of the entire auto import processfor you!

Transport, customs clearance, CO2 sanction optimization, MFK testing and approval in Switzerland. Within a short time you are already driving your new car! Of course we offer our services for the direct importof all car brands.

After your import calculation, give us the car import order. Let’s get started!

Placing an import order
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Your car import – planned down to the last detail!

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Car import

The import-butler as import specialist with several hundreds of car imports into Switzerland, has of course already planned your car import.

With our streamlined import process, you will soon be driving your new car with your Swiss registration plates. As a non-committal car importer without your own car dealer, you can rely on the best advice and handling!

We look forward to seeing you!

Car transport by truck

To ensure that your new car arrives safely and quickly in Switzerland, we load your car directly at the car dealership of your choice by a Swiss company using a truck transporter.

Of course, your vehicle is insured against all risks during the entire transfer to Switzerland. Safe is safe!

By importing your car by truck, you do not have to deal with the customs offices, save time for the outward journey and avoid an insurance gap due to the German customs registration number.

More about transport

Customs clearance and VAT

After importing your car, you will also receive the already paid VAT through the car dealer again, your car will be correctly exported at the foreign customs office.

On the other hand, Swiss import customs clearance is also required to pay automobile tax, weight duty and value-added tax.

As Swiss customs declarant, we prepare the documents and offer you convenient payment via our customs account.

More about customs clearance

Processing and reduction of the CO2 tax

Cars that have not been registered abroad for more than 6 monthsand are imported into Switzerland must pay a CO2 tax to the Federal Roads Office.

However, gives you a guaranteed 50% discount on the official penalty.

Whether and how expensive the CO2 tax is in your case, you can calculate with our import calculator. Of course with the promised discount!

More about the CO2 tax

Motor vehicle control for import cars

Every car imported into Switzerland, whether new or used, must be inspected by the Swiss Motor Vehicle Inspectorate.

It does not matter whether the vehicle has just been tested by the TÜV abroad. In Switzerland, depending on the canton, private individuals must have spent 4 to 6 weeks on an MFK examination appointment.

For this reason, the Import-Butler offers you a 5-working-day express service.

More about Motor Vehicle Inspection

Car insurance market check

Your car insurance should protect you from the financial consequences in the event of damage.

But the exact same car insurance can make up to 50% premium difference in the Swiss insurance market. Let us compare your car insurance, benefit from the Import-Butler collective discount!

“Trust in your existing insurance is good, knowing that the premium is fair, even better.”

More about car insurance

Register an import car in Switzerland

After all auto-import steps have been carried out, the Swiss registration and your control number will be issued.

The registration is carried out by us by the Road Traffic Office in your canton of residence. There are three different types of approval.

We prepare the registration dossier and organise your Swiss registration number or carry out a vehicle change.

More about the registration

Frequently asked questions about importing a car

  • Is it worth importing a car to Switzerland?

    The question of whether a car import is worthwhile is probably the most frequently asked question around the topic.

    It also cannot be answered with Yes or No, but depends on factors such as make, model, equipment, registration date and condition. Many cars are cheaper abroad, but some offers should be bought in Switzerland.

    You can see from the answer that the question is not quite easy. Of course we know that too and would like to make things easier for you. For this reason we cooperate with, the largest car exchange in Germany (similar to in Switzerland), to provide you with a large selection of possible import offers.

    In every Auto-Detail view on, you will find a “convert now” button on the right side to calculate all import costs (currency exchange, VAT, transport, MFK and registration) within seconds.

    With the result of the import calculation you can now start a direct comparison on You will quickly find out whether importing a car to Switzerland is worthwhile for you or not.

    Should the import offer be cheaper, we will be happy to assist you in the complete import processas a neutral import specialist.

  • Do I have a warranty on my import car?

    If you import a car into Switzerland, you are entitled to a two-year warranty under article 210 paragraph 1 of the Swiss Code of Obligations since the first registration abroad. However, some car brands also offer a 5-year warranty for whole Europe when buying abroad.

    If you buy a new car in Switzerland, you are often offered a 5-year warranty with free service. The added value of these offers is naturally reflected in the vehicle prices. As we know, nothing is free.

    If you import a car, you are now free to settle for the two-year warranty under the law, or simply buy an additional extension warranty via the Import-Butler.

  • What do I have to look out for when buying a car in Germany?

    If you buy a car abroad, only a few essential factorsneed to be taken into account.

    In the car offer, the note “Value-added tax identifiable” should be visible. Why? If the offer does not include VAT, none can be refunded after the car has been imported. For persons who, for example If you live in Germany and buy a car there, VAT does not matter. However, if you import the vehicle into Switzerland, this note makes a difference of 19% of the purchase price. Not a little when buying a vehicle.

    To ensure a smooth import into Switzerland, we recommend buying a vehicle from a car dealer. The probability that the vehicle documents are missing (COC and certificate of origin) is high and thus complicates the entire process. In addition, offers from private individuals do not include value-added tax and make the purchase more expensive.

    If you search for your car on, you can use the search filter to display only offers that contain VAT and are offered by car dealers.

  • Where can I find vehicle offers in Germany?

    Vehicle offers for buying abroad and importing into Switzerland can be found on many websites. In contrast to Autoscout24 in Switzerland, is the largest car exchange in Germany.

    Since the Import-Butler cooperates with, you can calculate the import costs into Switzerland in every vehicle detail view. This connection gives you full cost transparency quickly and easily.

    We wish you every success in your search!

  • How much does it cost to import a car?

    The cost of importing a car depends on the brand, selling price, weight, CO2 emissions and distance to Switzerland

    No worries, with the car import calculator you can calculate all costs up to the Swiss registration in seconds. Of course, foreign and Swiss VAT are also taken into account.

    Just try. Free of charge!

  • How is VAT regulated?

    If you buy a car abroad, the sales price usually includes VAT. The nice thing about importing a car is that you can reclaim VAT after importing it into Switzerland. For this reason, it is also important that your car offer has the note “Value-added tax identifiable“.

    The procedure for the VAT refund is as follows:

    1. You pay the car including foreign VAT
    2. Your car is declared for export to foreign customs
    3. The car import is handled by Swiss customs
    4. Swiss customs issues an import confirmation
    5. Confirmation will be sent to the dealer
    6. The seller will transfer the VAT already paid back to your account
  • How can I import a car into Switzerland?

    When you import a car into Switzerland, customs still have to pay some taxes. A Swiss import declaration is required for customs to even know what tax amount is due.

    The Import-Butler imports so many vehicles that it is of course also a Swiss customs declaration and can issue the import declaration electronically.

    The following documents are required for the preparation:

    1. Sales contract (VAT should be shown separately)
    2. EC Declaration of Conformity (COC)
    3. Certificate of origin / EUR.1
    4. Copy of foreign vehicle registration

    The customs costs for importing a car are calculated as follows:

    1. Purchase amount minus foreign taxes
    2. Currency exchange at customs exchange rate
    3. 4% Automobile tax
    4. if necessary, weight duty (CHF 15.- per 100Kg)
    5. 7.7% VAT will now be levied on the total.

    You can pay the taxes either at the border or conveniently via the Import-Butler customs account.

  • What do I have to consider when importing with German customs plates?

    Many car dealers abroad recommend a customs registration number for their own transfer to Switzerland. However, there are three things you should know about customs plates.

    A German customs registration number has only a liability insurance. This means that you do not have any insurance cover for damage to your own vehicle during your trip to Switzerland and until registration. Since you have just bought a new car and the driving feeling still has to develop over the months, the need for hull insurance naturally also increases.

    In order to relieve you of this risk, we have developed an import comprehensive insurance solution with various Swiss insurance companies.

    A German customs code has a certain validity period. The deadlines are freely selectable between 5 and 30 days. Since you cannot expect an MFK test date immediately in Switzerland, unless of course you make use of the MFK Express service, we recommend booking the 30-day period.

    If you transfer your car on your own axis with the German plate, you must carry out the export abroad and the import in Switzerland yourself. Please note that at many borders the customs counter remains closed on weekends.

    As a more comfortable transfer solution, the car transport with the truck is an option. So all you have to do is enjoy the anticipation of your new car.

  • How long does it take to import a car?

    If we can take over the car import for you, the processing usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks. In most cases it is quick. However, we do not want to promise you anything wrong and will therefore give you a longer period of time.

    There are many triggers for a time delay during an auto-import. This starts with the car dealer, who cannot immediately hand over all documents, continues with the dense road traffic, the capacity at the customs offices, the speed up to an MFK date, the insurance certificate that was incorrectly issued or simply several holidays.

    As you can see, it is not possible to specify an exact date when importing a car. However, we are always anxious to keep you up to date.

  • Can I register any car after import?

    Unfortunately no, not every vehicle and yes the term vehicle is large, can be registered in Switzerland. Basically, you do not have to worry about normal passenger cars that comply with all Swiss standards.

    In the case of special vehicles, we recommend that you first contact the Road Traffic Officeand check whether they are suitable for registration before you buy them.

  • Do I always have to pay a CO2 tax when importing a car?

    A CO2 tax only has to be paid for cars that have not been registered abroad for more than 6 months.

    However, the amount of the tax depends on themake of vehicle, weight andCO2 emissions.

    Don’t worry, we offer you a 50% reduction in car imports compared to the official taxes for the CO2 tax. The costs and further information can be found here.

  • How long does it take until the MFK test date?

    If you as a private individual would like to present a car at a motor vehicle inspection, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the canton. Especially if your customs plate is only valid for 5, 15 or 30 days, your mood will probably increase.

    We know your challenge and therefore offer you a 5-working-day MFK express service.

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