Over 1.4 million car import offers!

With the Import-Butler you find your dream car in Germany and calculate the complete import up to the Swiss registration in seconds.

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

Every car import starts with the search for a suitable import car. Nice that we can go this way together. The Import-Butler makes searching for suitable offers and calculating all import costs a lot easier.

We cooperate with Mobile.de, the largest car platform in Germany with more than 1.4 million car offers. By working with Mobile.de, you can start the import cost calculation directly from your computer in every car detail view.

At the end of the calculation, you know exactly what your car will cost after importing it to Switzerland. This allows you to better assess whether importing a car is worthwhile for you at all. Just give it a try. Free of charge, of course!

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

How to find and calculate your import car in seconds

Now start the search for your dream car for import into Switzerland on Mobile. de. Once you have found a suitable offer, please use the button on the right side of the car offer display to calculate all import costs. In a few seconds you have completed the import calculation.

Note: The “Convert Now” button is only visible on your computer without Adblocker and not on your smartphone. The calculation is currently only possible in German.

Find offer and calculate import

Find your next car now from over 1.4 million car import offers!

How to use the import computer on Mobile.de

1. car search
mobile.de - Germany's largest car market

Search here for your dream vehicle. mobile.de offers over 1.4 million vehicles to choose from.

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

2. detail view
Price conversion to CHF on the right side

On this page you will find all information about the vehicle and on the right side the Import-Butler price converter!

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

3. price converter
Convert daily from Euro to CHF.

With one click you will immediately see the price conversion.

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

4. CHF price display
quick calculation

The price is converted from EURO to CHF on a daily basis, including VAT. advantage and customs costs.

widget_landscape_110_de_0 Import car from Germany

Find offer and calculate import

Find your next car now from over 1.4 million car import offers!

Germany’s largest vehicle market

More than 1.4 million vehicles are waiting for you here! New cars, used cars, small cars, vintage cars, luxurious limousines, sports cars or cheap cars. No matter which car you are looking for, you will find it on mobile.de.

mobile.de is Germany’s largest car exchange, where you can easily find a car for import into Switzerland. With one search and just a few clicks you can get an overview of the entire range of imports. You can easily compare, convert the price into CHF with the Import-Butler and decide to contact new or used car sellers.

Would you like to buy a used car? At mobile.de you will find suitable offers from professional car dealers. If you want even with used car warranty.

Or are you looking for new cars? Then you will find what you are looking for here. Brand new cars, EU new cars, cars with day registration and perfectly maintained annual cars from Germany and the entire EU. All clearly arranged in a large selection.

Should you not immediately find the suitable vehicle, then you arrange yourselves a new vehicle simply and leave you a suitable offer of dealers from Germany to send.

In short: at mobile.de you can easily find the import car that suits your life.

Next step

The next step in car import after the Import-Car-Search is the car import calculation.

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